OSDS training is provided to data submitters to support their ability to setup access, participate in testing, and prepare for implementation.

APD OSDS Training Calendar July 2022

APD OSDS Training Calendar August 2022

The role of the OSDS Help Desk is to collect, analyze, and resolve incidents as quickly and effectively as possible. All requests for assistance will be initiated through ServiceNow, either by phone (877) 363-5630 or by web submission: https://optum.service-now.com/itss2

The OSDS Help Desk will be available to OSDS users 24 hours per day, seven days per week, 365 days per year – including all holidays.

To contact the APD OSDS Project Team, email apd.osds@health.ny.gov using the below inquiry format:


  • Issuer Name (HIOS ID (or TPA ID if applicable)) – Summary of the reason for inquiry